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Anonymous sent: hey, are you still alive?

So I am not Tina I am her friend Judith.

Tina did try to commit suicide but she survived and I am so great full for that.

Now she is in a clinic where she takes therapy so that’s the reason why she’s not online.

Anonymous sent: You're absolutely BEAUTIFUL in every single way, INSIDE and OUT! <3 :)

I’m not Tina but I will tell her
Thank you so much


I can’t do this anymore i dont want to live anymore i can’t handle this i’m so sorry i guess this is it. I will Leave forever. I want to thank you who ever Talked to me cheered me up but i just can’t Control myself this is the end of me
Goodbye world.


Very True.
depressed as fuck

Ok guys so lately I’ve become really depressed again. the worst time was like two years ago and I am feeling that I am going to be the old „depressed me” again it’s really hard for me tho I had a tumblr account before where I expressed my feelings there but I deleted it and I think I need this again.

So guys I want to tell you I will change this Japan-Korea-anime-blog into a really personal blog ( I guess it will be triggering ) so I want to tell all of you that don’t want that to unfollow me if you want.



Without moving forward,
without knowing anything,
"It’s goodbye, isn’t it?"
I muttered in agonizing loneliness.

girl (by shoppy19)