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Very True.
depressed as fuck

Ok guys so lately I’ve become really depressed again. the worst time was like two years ago and I am feeling that I am going to be the old „depressed me” again it’s really hard for me tho I had a tumblr account before where I expressed my feelings there but I deleted it and I think I need this again.

So guys I want to tell you I will change this Japan-Korea-anime-blog into a really personal blog ( I guess it will be triggering ) so I want to tell all of you that don’t want that to unfollow me if you want.



Without moving forward,
without knowing anything,
"It’s goodbye, isn’t it?"
I muttered in agonizing loneliness.

girl (by shoppy19)

香蕉鬆餅 Fluffy Banana Pancakes (by Decill)

Untitled (by barefootcinderella)